Exposing an event handler as a control property

You need to expose it as full-blown event, not as property. Page parser in
ASP.NET is then able to wire syntax On=”handler_method_name” into
your event as listener.

    #region Event Handlers
    public delegate void OnAddressSavedHandler(object sender, AddressEventArgs e);

    public class AddressEventArgs : EventArgs
        public Int64 AddressID;
        public AddressEventArgs(){ }
        public AddressEventArgs(Int64 val)
            AddressID = val;

    public OnAddressSavedHandler OnAddressSaved;
    public event EventHandler AddressSaved
        add { Events.AddHandler(OnAddressSaved, value); }
        remove { Events.RemoveHandler(OnAddressSaved, value); }

    public virtual void RaiseAddressSavedEvent(Int64 addressID) //Call this method when the user changes
        EventHandler handler = Events[OnAddressSaved] as EventHandler;
        if (handler != null)
            handler(this, new AddressEventArgs(addressID));


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