[HowTo] Raising Custom Events in C#

First you need to declare an event in the class that’s going to raise the event. This is just like declaring a normal variable:

public event EventHandler MyEvent;

Then you need a method that’s going to be called to raise the event. This goes into the same class that you just declared the event in.

protected virtual void OnMyEvent(EventArgs e) 
     if(MyEvent != null)  
            MyEvent(this, e);

In the code where the event actually happens (say the code where a certain variable gets updated), you need to actually raise the event by calling the method we just created.

    MyVariable = newValue;

Then in the class that wants to listen for the event, you just register for it like you’d register for any of the built-in events:

    MyEventClass.MyEvent += new EventHandler(MyEventHandler);
    protected virtual void MyEventHandler(object sender, EventArgs e) 
        // handle event


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